Help "US" be apart of the change! We are going as green as we can! We won't be printing programs or handing out tons of flyers. We will have stations were you can scan to purchase tickets from your phone.

Please remember that going green doesn't mean just recycling, that's only part of it. Reuse what you can (just like us making signs and banners to "Reuse" every year. Not printing programs, "Reduces" our carbon footprint and of course recycling that old way of thinking!

SCIFF has empowered it's own "OFFICIAL CERTIFIED WASTE WARRIOR" (Tracy M. Tabb)  to over see and help us leave this plant better than we found it. Find ways you can Reduce, Reuse & Recycle!


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1st Annual SCIFFestival Program

Image by Edwin Hooper
Image by Tim Mossholder
Image by Simon Noh
Image by Millo Lin

The Santa Clarita International Film Festival  has partnered with the Santa Clarita Artists Association to support our visual artists by curating a show as part of the larger festival.