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Gregory Bazile

Gregory Bazile, originally from Louisiana is a director, writer, producer, businessman who studied filmmaking in New York City. Gregory Bazile, worked on numerous film projects and off Broadway plays in New York, where he got the opportunity to direct his first independent film. Gregory Bazile, having a love for the arts and a love of business, got an opportunity to study real estate. Gregory Bazile, after years of training he became a licensed general contractor and built residential homes scaling from 1400 square-foot homes to 16,000 square-foot homes.

Due to the housing crash, Bazile shifted gears from real estate to the food industry. Gregory Bazile owned and operated three franchise restaurants. After learning the ropes in the restaurant business, Gregory sold his three franchise restaurants and started his own concept from scratch. After years of being away from the film business, he revisited his true love of filmmaking after meeting some local filmmakers. In 2019, produced, wrote, and directed an independent comedy film, called “Order up” and also produced a web series comedy, named “The Shop web series” which is presently shooting.