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Tracy Michele Tabb

After 15 years in the industry, Tracy decided to follow another passion, jammin', and that’s not being a rock star (although she’d love that). Tracy created a company called "A Little Bliss" that was “jam” packed, full of love (and fresh fruits). She became known around the farmers market circle as the “jam lady” and was featured in the paper. Regardless of how much Tracy loved to “jam”, her passion for directing on the big screen (or any sized screen) never left her heart.

Tracy’s journey led her back to the industry where she began doing consulting, graphics, website design, and revamping companies while chasing her soul’s passion in film and television. Tracy has said many times, “I don't mind all the paths that life has taken me on. It's made me a true renaissance woman a ‘jane of all trades’ per se”, and she has enjoyed all the avenues life has led her. Prior to COVID, she got back into directing and editing music videos and is now doing the same for MySCV.Life.