Friday Theater 2

12:00pm - 2:20pm

After a death on campus, a student has a secret that she is trying to avoid.

Transformers Regeneration.jpeg

When the cybertronian war has divided transformers across the galaxy, an ancient planet-eater named Unicron returns from the shadows for revenge. It's up to Spike, his friends, Optimus Prime and the autobot resistance to stop Unicron, and all the decepticons lead by Megatron.

Autumn Moon.jpeg

Attempting to part with her best friend Xena on the right terms, June, an anxious college Junior, goes on surreal quest around campus to try and find her.

El Poso.jpeg

A failed suicide attempt gives a woman the ability to talk to rocks.

Birthday Suit.jpeg

A good looking man's casual encounter with a woman leads to some unexpected problems.

Tender Moon.jpeg

A young astronaut flies to the moon in search of a mysterious living organism, and in turn discovers a piece of her past.


When two couples simultaneously discover a meteorite landing site, the claim to the celestial object becomes a battle of wits, gender, and a declaration of true desire.

Bed Bug.jpeg

A Halloween thunderstorm wreaks havoc to one family after the house is struck by lightning.

When twenty-year-old Claire finds out she’s pregnant, she knows she wants to have an abortion. With confidence in her choice, support from her family, and good healthcare, it should be straightforward. But the night before the appointment, skin-crawling hallucinations begin to shake her resolve. At the gynecologist's office, what should be a routine medical experience becomes a waking nightmare with lasting repercussions.

Bomb Defusing.jpeg

A kidnapped man wakes to a bomb that will explode in 60 seconds.

2:30pm - 4:50pm
A Coward_s War.jpeg

A Union soldier during the Civil War faces an internal battle while seeing his first action.

The Voice Whisperer.jpg

A day in the life of Michael Beastman, voice over artist extraordinaire and awkward human being. It’s a comedy about when you are yourself it’s the best “you” you can be!

Holy Skit.jpeg
The Right Vintage.jpeg

The Holy Trinity. God, Big J and some spirit...

Notorious for committing multiple cybercrimes, Sonny Marcato has served his sentence in a prison stationed on the edge of a black hole, where time is essentially frozen. For his release, Sonny requested nothing more than to enjoy his favorite whisky on his way back to Earth… to celebrate what is to come.

Ms Therapist.jpeg
The Earth Mover.jpeg

Alex and her therapist try their best to understand each other in the span of one session. However, as the night progresses, the more unusual the therapy session becomes.

A modern prospector's metaphorical journey through his process of discovery, both in and out of the dig. The film observes the physical effort and mental resolve required to undertake such a task, while his internal growth and sense of purpose become the true reward.

Taurean Dorotae.jpeg

The life story is about a 26-YEAR-OLD actor/producer/Dj/musician survived by his daughter and mother. as a family they embark on telling the story about "T-Mac " and the legacy he leaves behind. Supported by many from all around the bay area and also nationally known.

5:00pm - 7:20pm
The Letter.jpeg

A young women struggles with the perils of waiting until the last minute.

Dream Date.jpeg

Daron goes on a blind date with a girl he met on the internet. His car is stolen during his dinner date, and he must learn to trust a crazy girl he just met in an attempt to get his car back.

They Never See It Coming.jpeg

A serial killer kidnaps his estranged daughter in an attempt to explain his philosophy on life, death and murder.


A scientist trapped by herself on an outpost near Jupiter after the death of her companion begins to imagine, or realize, that she is not alone after all.

Dream War.jpeg

A team of information extractors infiltrate a mob boss's dream and attempt to steal valuable information from him while he sleeps

Helgas House.jpeg

Want to loose cellulite and contour your body? Then endermologie is your best option…unless you prefer Helga's methods (Commercial)

Secret Honor.jpeg

Victor, a tough ex-boxer, and his friend, Demarcus, a hot young comic, are shooting the breeze, waiting to pick up some Laker tickets from Demarcus’s friend. When Victor pries out of Demarcus the true identity of his friend, a laid-back afternoon in LA turns into a grim, comic standoff between old foes. A matter of life and death becomes a matter of true honor in the age of social media.

7:30pm - 9:50pm
Maura Bund.jpeg

Teaser trailer for the feature film in development.
When remains of a long to a missing girl are discovered, an isolated teen takes it upon herself to investigate, only for the grisly truth to lead back to her own nightmarish home.

How Do You Feel.jpeg

A business executive gets a visit from an unexpected guest

Strictly Meringue.jpeg

Things turn from sweet to sour when a neglectful mother tries to reconnect with her angsty son.

Break Any Spell.jpeg

In this collision of reality and fantasy, a teenage girl uses Live- Action-Role-Playing (LARPing) to cope and escape from her mother, who suffers from early-onset Alzheimer’s.


A Painter who accidentally loses his piece of art, learns that giving up is not an option.

Living Years.jpeg

Gale Williams had a happy, normal childhood in Santa Monica California. Then, in 1956, on the eve of his 18th birthday he crashed his car in a remote area of California and became a quadriplegic. In those days people with such severe injuries were only expected to live 10-15 years. To survive, mentally and physically, Gale set his mind to tackling small goals, focusing only on what he was able to do, and through a supportive family and church community, he rebuilt his life. He studied computer programming at UCLA in the 1960's, worked for an air defense company, married and adopted two children. After the disappointment of divorce and suffering discrimination by employers, Gale gradually became involved in disabled rights activism. He attended demonstrations in the 1970's to recognize the needs of the disabled community that were being neglected, and became state president of California's Association for Physically Handicapped. He remarried, had two more children, and continued to inspire and educate a new generation of young people, both disabled and able-bodied. At 82, and most likely the longest living quadriplegic, Gale's life story shows us that there are no limitations to what we can accomplish if we set our minds to it.


A passionate Argentine Tango dance fantasy featuring a woman exploring the sensual and dangerous possibilities presented by a potential new lover.


Rigo, the new kid in town, finds himself being bullied by some of the local kids. A chance encounter with Miguel, a comic book store owner, introduces Rigo to the vast world of superheroes. But are they fiction or real?