Adrian Askarieh

Prime Universe Films, Inc. was established in 2005 by Adrian Askarieh with a vision to develop and produce high concept feature films based on established video game and comic book IP, while keeping an eye out for fresh, original material with appeal to growing global audiences.

Prior to forming Prime Universe, Adrian served as an Associate Attorney at Kleinberg & Lerner, LLP, a Century City-based law firm specializing in the area of IP rights. The firm represents personalities and companies involved in the entertainment, tech, and multimedia industries.

Garnering a reputation as a producer with a keen eye for both branded and emerging IP, Adrian was instrumental in setting up Eidos Interactive’s multi-million selling video game HITMAN at 20th Century Fox. Opening Thanksgiving weekend 2007, HITMAN went on to gross $100 million dollars worldwide on a production budget of $26 million. The sequel HITMAN: AGENT 47 followed in 2015, also released by Fox. Hitman is currently in priority development at Fox 21 as a cable TV series with HULU onboard as the network, with Adrian serving as Exceutive Producer.

On the heals of the first Hitman movie, Adrian set up Eidos’ multi-million action game franchise KANE & LYNCH. The film is being financed by Nu Image Films (THE EXPENDABLES) and is being released in North America by Lionsgate.

Adrian sold Warner Bros. on the live-action adaptation of the classic Hanna Barbera cartoon JONNY QUEST. “Quest” is one of the most beloved entertainment properties in the world with two animated series and millions in sales in DVD, comic books, toys. The feature film currently has LEGO BATMAN’S Chris McKay set to direct.

More recently, Adrian announced a First Look deal bettween his Prime Universe Films banner and International film production and financing company Constantin Film (the RESIDENT EVIL, upcoming MONSTER HUNTER franchise). The deal has resulted in the two cpmpanies teaming up to produce the best-selling comic book DANGER GIRL, which has TRUTH OR DARE’S Jeff Wadlow attached to write and direct,Vault Comics’ flagship title, and the best-selling sensation, HEATHEN, which has TWILIGHT’S Catherine Hardwick attached to direct, as well as the mega-selling video game franchise JUST CAUSE, which is being adapted for the screen by JOHN WICK creator and writer Derek Kolsted.