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Saturday Dec 11th - Theater 2

SAT DEC 11th - THEATER 2 - BLOCK 1 - 10am to 12pm

FILMS of 2021


Director:  David L Bradburn

Starring: Jahred King, Michael Malay

Category/Genre: Micro Short Film

Run Time:  0:03:40


What appears to be a random act of helping is really a familial one.



Director:  Kevin Paul McMahon

Starring: Guy Nardulli, Wes McGee

Category/Genre: Micro Short Film

Run Time:  0:03:28


A drama where a man on the run draws in a detective to commit suicide by cop.


Director:  Daniel Noa

Starring: Anna Ross, Dave Beaudrie

Category/Genre: Narrative Short Film

Run Time:  0:05:48


There's a killer hiding in the back seat of Sarah and Iain's car.


Director:  Chris Shaw

Starring: TJ Shaw, Daniel Novick

Category/Genre: Narrative Short Film

Run Time:  0:13:30


Fur trappers ROBERT and MURPHY flee after killing men of the Blackfeet tribe for their fur, in the hopes of staying warm enough to survive the harsh winter of the early 1800s. Robert, a blind man, teaches Murphy how his lack of sight can be his greatest strength and how Murphy can tap into a new perspective of living. Murphy, a stubborn and arrogant man, teaches Robert a trick or two about living as well. Despite many differences, the two men form a bond by leaning on each other’s strengths in order to help them survive, at least until the Blackfeet catch up to them.


Director:  Nolan Hieu Trifunovic

Starring: Leila Perry, Dennis R. Ford

Category/Genre: Narrative Short Film

Run Time:  0:14:38


Two combatants are trapped in a mysterious hotel where they can't die and don't know how to leave. Stuck in a seemingly endless cycle of violence, the two combatants must change their tactics to save themselves.


Director:  Chris Guiral

Starring: Joshua King Brooks, James Teehan

Category/Genre: Narrative Short Film

Run Time: 0:32:55


USMC Veteran Francis saves his fellow Marine and best friend John from suicide, only to fall into a downward spiral himself. As his friend recovers, Francis descends further into his repressed pain, despite his wife - and John’s sister- Emily’s best efforts to help him. As John reconciles his past with therapy, Emily tries
desperately to keep Francis from falling into his own abyss....

SAT DEC 11th - THEATER 2 - BLOCK 2- 12pm to 2pm


Director:  J.M. Logan

Starring: Johnny Wactor, Stephanie Einstein

Category/Genre: Narrative Short Film

Run Time:  0:14:00

A group of adventurers in search of a mythological object get more than they bargained for when they discover the legend foretelling the end of all life in the universe could actually be true.


Directors:  Randal Kamradt

Starring: Jake Macapagal, Jessica Neistadt

Category/Genre: Foreign Feature Film

Run Time:  01:28:09

When an ancient rogue monster threatens existence, only the scrappy multi-national team P.H.A.S.E. can stop him. But their newest recruit holds a stunning secret. Against impossible odds, this lonely, conflicted, difficult, and altogether human team must band together to save the world.

An action-packed adventure through the Philippines featuring terrifying and amazing creatures from Filipino Mythology, The Monsters Without is the latest film from writer/director Randal Kamradt (Faraway). With an international cast led by Jake Macapagal (Metro Manila, Watch List) and YouTube sensation Jessica Neistadt, The Monsters Without is a thrilling love letter to genre cinema and the beautiful Philippines islands.

THE RELIC-poster.jpg
The Monsters Without-poster.jpg

SAT DEC 11th - THEATER 2 - BLOCK 3 - 2pm to 4pm


Director:  Vickie Rose Sampson

Starring: Jenny Trevino, Carlos Chavez

Category/Genre: Narrative Short Film

Run Time:  0:08:20


A young woman, about to get married, has to make a difficult decision whether or not to risk it all and confess a secret that could change everything.


Director:  Ayman Samman

Starring: Ayman Samman, Rasha Mohamed

Category/Genre: Narrative Short Film

Run Time:  0:11:09


A distressed crisis negotiator is called upon to rescue a jumper off a ledge.


Director:  Cynthia Garcia Williams

Starring: Celeste Sully, Anna Elena Pepe

Category/Genre: Narrative Short Film

Run Time:  0:13:19


An alcoholic mother goes in search of Nirvana by seeking to understand the cause of her suffering.

Shutter the Doors-poster.jpg

Director: Sheri Sussman

Starring: Ian Buchanan, Billy Wirth

Category/Genre: Narrative Short Film

Run Time:  0:13:23


"Shutter the Doors, starring Ian Buchanan and Billy Wirth, captures a moment in time of a man struggling to deal with an unimaginable loss in his life."

Crystal City-poster.jpg

Director:  Geoff Mark

Starring: Shay Denison, K. Kevin Choi

Category/Genre: Narrative Short Film

Run Time: 0:12:03


A teenage romance, set in a World War 2 Internment camp. He's Japanese, she's German, and tonight both their worlds come crashing down.

The Pragmatist -poster.jpg

Director:  Peter Paul Basler

Starring: Jack Maxwell, Crista Flanagan

Category/Genre: Narrative Short Film

Run Time: 0:30:50


Cliched ideas about good and evil mean nothing to David Firrine. He will do whatever it takes to help those in need. If that means crossing lines or working with the enemy, so be it. Firrine is no saint. He's a Pragmatist.

The Pragmatist explores the mind of a vigilante anti-hero who lives by his own code. Firrine fights his demons to make the world a better place. This gets the attention of the CIA. They are watching him. Or is he watching them watch him? It's a game of cat and mouse where the ends justify the means. But are he and the CIA seeking the same ends?

SAT DEC 11th - THEATER 2 - BLOCK 4 - 4pm to 6pm


Director: Rebecca Manley


Category/Genre: Animated Short Film

Run Time: 0:03:00

A small girl is crying because there is a hole in her stomach, suddenly a mysterious horse appears and things begin to change...


Directors:  Mehrnaz Abdollahinia

Category/Genre: Animated Short Film

Run Time:  0:07:57


In a small village ruled by ridiculous laws, three singing sisters and their dog rehearse for the Annual Autumn Festival. But an unexpected event will disrupt their plans.


Director:  Matthew McKee

Music Artist: Stephen Covell

Category/Genre: Music Video

Run Time: 0:05:14


"Her Cold Hands" is a music video with a mission to raise awareness of suicidality. Singer-songwriter Stephen Covell served as a combat medic in the 82 Airborne on two tours during Operation Iraqi Freedom. About this video he wrote the following, "Take what’s ugly in yourself and turn it into something beautiful. Repurpose the hurt, the shame, and the guilt, all the secret feelings we are told we shouldn’t share. The more we shine a light on the darkness, the less power it has over us.”


Director:  Zane Rubin

Starring: Addison Riecke, Larson Rainier

Category/Genre: Narrative Short Film

Run Time: 0:12:00


17 year old Maddie wishes someone would pay attention to her, when JJ appears, she gets what she thought she wanted.


Director:  Justin Eugene Evans

Starring: Jason R. Moore, Michael B. Tabb

Category/Genre: Narrative Short Film

Run Time: 0:09:59


Official Selection of 108 film festivals with more than 80 nominations and 40 awards including 20 as best short film. And our list keeps growing!

When a planet-hopping cowboy-criminal (Jason R. Moore, Marvel’s The Punisher) returns to New Mexico after a heist-gone-wrong, he expects a hero’s welcome. Instead, he finds his mutinous crew have decided he’s no longer in charge.


Director: Christopher Kulikowski

Starring: Paul Fox, Brett Gipson

Category/Genre: Narrative Short Film

Run Time: 0:26:30


The sole survivor of a shipwreck washes ashore on an island at the extreme north of the British Isles. The survivor, Victor, is restored to health by the local inhabitants but guards the secrets of his haunted past and of an evil which has found its way to this remote world, hell-bent on vengeance. So starts the dramatic and violent chain of events in which the tale of Victor’s sinister experiments gradually emerges.


Director: Lisa deSouza


Category/Genre: Narrative Short Film

Run Time:


On this journey we call life, where does truth lie? In light or darkness? In the living or the dead? Where do the lines of creativity and madness blur? How far will you go for the perfect shot? What are you willing to risk along the way? Pnuema is the story of one man's obsession to find the answers to these questions as he strives to create his masterpiece. 

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The Reckoning of Darkness-poster.jpg

SAT DEC 11th - THEATER 2 - BLOCK 5 - 6pm to 8pm

too good-poster.jpg

Director:  Joey Medina

Starring: Bill Dawes, Eric Blake

Category/Genre: Narrative Short Film

Run Time:  0:12:32


A powerful and gripping story about a white terminally ill businessman who uses racism to force an African American man he never met before to kill him in order for his family receive his life insurance money.


Directors:  Andy Bystrom, John Bystrom

Starring: John Bystrom, Andy Bystrom

Category/Genre: Documentary Short Film

Run Time:  0:25:39


“Too Good to be Forgotten” started filming in 1943 and took 77 years to complete. The movie is a personal Navy Documentary on World War II and Korean War Patrol Craft Sailors. This film has rare WWII and Bikini Atoll color film and photographs of the Pacific war zone taken by my dad, Lieutenant (junior grade) John Bystrom (deceased) and the historical sea stories from Patrol Craft sailors now in their 80s and 90s. My film is dedicated to the 50,000 Patrol Craft Sailors who served this country that are too good to be forgotten. Welcome Aboard!


Director:  Kevin McMahon

Starring: Tim Schukar, Holly Lewis

Category/Genre: Narrative Short Film

Run Time:  0:44:46


Matt Whittaker can barely get out of bed, he's addicted to coffee and watching the cable news coverage of the Iraq war. The year is 2005 and Matt's wife Celia, who was an ROTC student in college, was reactivated for service after three years in civilian life and sent to Iraq. Now he can barely cope with the emasculating experience of having his wife in a war zone and no way to protect her. Seeing his plight, Karen, his next door neighbor and 'Military Wife' invites Matt to the support group where the other wives stage an intervention to help him cope for Celia's sake. After learning the tools to help him get through the day, tragedy strikes in Iraq and Matt is unsure if his wife will ever come home.


Director:  Pat Battistini

Starring: Lorey Hayes, Tom Katsis

Category/Genre: Narrative Short Film

Run Time: 0:25:00


"Dignity" is a love story between a woman and her family. However, the family's strength is tested when a moral decision must be made.