Saturday Theater 1

10:00am - 12:20pm
The Kiss I Didn_t Get Last Night.jpeg

Music video for the Song "The Kiss I Didn't get last Night" by Carrington MacDuffie

Dying to Sleep.jpeg

Mary, desperate to find a cure for her chronic, terrifying nightmares, takes a leap of faith on a reclusive Holistic Doctor, but as her clarity sharpens, Mary unearths the frightening mystery behind his obscure methods.

12:30pm - 2:50pm
Ms Rossi.jpeg

While on her travels as a Loan Officer for the bank, Ms. Rossi encounters some obstacles along the way while just trying to do her job.


From the award-winning filmmaking team of “That’s Opportunity Knocking” comes a new screwbyte comedy: DRIVERLESS. The first road movie with no drivers. Written and directed by Charles Pelletier. Produced by Stephen Foster. When all that’s good about middle-class workers meets all that’s bad about corporate millionaires and all that’s wrong with technology, the inevitable result is a hysterical new comedy short that slashes the tires of corporate America.

Speak No Evil.jpeg

The only witness to a brutal murder, a mute street vendor enlists the help of a down on his luck private detective in order to bring the killer to justice.


An everyday backyard BBQ finds a funny moment between the attendees…that is, until Josh shows up. (Micro Short)

3:00pm - 5:20pm

A happy homeowner answers his door and discovers the true price of terror.

Brick Walls.jpeg

Marco, a frustrated and conflicted 24-year-old, moves away from his rugged hometown to begin anew. However, he struggles to progress when his past puts up walls around him.


Coolie Ranx, a legend in the SKA world, just dropped his first solo album. Keep Figthing is a music video to support this project


Keith was a successful writer who has been unable to write for almost 2 years. He comes every day to a bench in a park seeking inspiration and hoping that the words will flow. A mysterious young woman visits him daily hoping to help him. 

Karate Belt.jpeg

An eccentric man finds a discarded karate belt, and when he dons it, becomes the neighborhood vigilante superhero in his own mind. However, his attempts to do good lead him to find out he is not as tough as he thinks he is.

5:40pm - 7:50pm
All But Harmony.jpeg

A man wakes up in terror, in the midst of conflict. Barely able to walk, tired and weak, he tries to make sense of the destruction around him much as an inevitable fate draws near.

Glory _ Injustice.jpeg

When a custody petition arrives, 13-year-old girl "Glory" must break her dad "Lord Injustice" out of a depression or they will lose each other forever.

Uncommon Negotiator.jpeg

A young pastor's world is turned upside-down when he's suddenly thrust into a dangerous hostage situation. The only way he'll be able to get anyone out alive is by bravely reaching out to appeal to the soul of a violent gunman.

The Can.jpeg

A broken-spirited Tim struggles to navigate love and loss, only to find the extraordinary beauty of life from an ordinary can.


Ava and Carter navigate their failing relationship through dreams and memory to find each other and themselves during a quiet night at home.

Team of Two (1).png

Homicide detective, Marc Valentine likes to work alone and he is a little crazy, He thinks he still lives in the 80s and has a DeLorean as his police car. Big Boss Tango is a criminal that has created a deadly virus that can cause a pandemic and plans to release it in Los Angeles, unless Marc can stop him.

8:00pm - 10:20pm  NAACP Hosted Screening
American Justice.jpeg

In one of the “trials of the century" and with great relevance to today, Black Panthers leader Huey P. Newton faced the death penalty for killing a white policeman in a pre-dawn car stop in 1968 Oakland. While Newton and his maverick attorneys daringly indicted racism in the courts and the country, and a groundbreaking jury led by a historic black foreman deliberated Newton’s fate, the streets of Oakland and the nation were poised to explode if the jury came back with murder.

Wade in the Water Docuentary Poster.jpg

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