Saturday Theater 7

10:00pm - 11:40pm
LA Undercover.jpeg

Corey Shaw is a rookie cop in the LAPD with his intentions set on bettering his community. As crime ramps up in LA, Corey must go undercover to take down a cold-blooded crime-lord, Kevin "Keys" Lyles. With everything on the line, Corey battles between maintaining his relationship, doing his job, and staying true to his identity.

1:15pm - 3:20pm
Time Capsule.jpeg

Theo Grimes is a cynical CEO haunted by unresolved feelings about his dysfunctional childhood. He pushes people away with his abrasive behavior. When an old friend reminds him of a time capsule buried in his childhood home, Theo travels to his hometown to retrieve it. His journey provides the catalyst he needs to reexamine his life and change his ways.

7:00pm - 9:55pm
Artists in Agony.jpeg

A mockumentary dark comedy where a camera crew follows four hitmen who end up getting killed in the infamous Coda Teahouse Massacre. —Frosty (the new father), Lucien Mercy (the stay-at-home mom), Red Rick (the romantic) and his apprentice Lady Faith (the rising star).


Years later, footage from the documentary crew emerges revealing how these four bungling psychopaths ended up dead in the criminal underground's greatest mystery.