Sunday Theater 1

10:00am - 12:20pm
Defy the Odds.jpeg

Amateur race car driver, Bill Lester, is faced with a decision that will upend the stable office life he's been trapped in. Based on the true story of Bill Lester, the first black NASCAR driver to win a race in NASCAR's Grand-Am series.

Safe Passage.jpeg

On the surface, Safe Passage (for Sheila) is a look at living alone during the pandemic in a 2 1/2 minute story about a spider. In a deeper sense, it challenges the femme fatale stereotype. Based on a true story.

Small World.jpeg

Two strangers meet in a far away land and realize they are from the same town.


Music video from my band The Collingwood... which I directed.

Little Moments Everywhere.jpeg

While dealing with emotional numbness after finding out her mother has cancer, a memory helps Lily unlock her feelings.


No description available

All I Need Is Your Signature.jpeg

For people who don't like people. A dark comedy about a woman, Tanya (Michele Dawson, Halloween Ends), working a mysterious job getting signatures for various contracts. She only needs one last signature to finish her commitment, but the last signature she needs becomes quite an ordeal to get.

Picture This.jpeg

When Jay, a quirky Hollywood talent manager's number one client, Rita pays him an unexpected visit to his office to fire him, he pulls out ALL the stops to keep her from doing that.

Father Apocalypse.jpeg

A husband and father is looking out for his family during the apocalypse. He always means well, but doesn't necessarily make the best decisions.


A man seeks revenge on the guy that slept with his girlfriend but when needing to find a knife to get the job done, all he can find are spoons, spoons and more spoons.

The Burial Plot.jpeg

A funeral crashing kleptomaniac finds herself in hot water when face-to-face with a loved one of the deceased.

The Switchaboos.jpeg

2 Zillenial semi-happy couples have a nice evening together.

12:30pm - 2:50pm
Everything Will Be Fine.jpeg

Everything Will Be Fine in the End centers around three twenty-somethings whose aimless existence becomes defined by an act of violence. Buzz (Kent Harper) a small-time drug dealer and self-professed private investigator steals George’s (Elsa Kennedy) dog that she stole from Tom (Ken Forsgren) at a dog park. To get revenge on Buzz, George enlists the help of Kai (Steven Michael Martin) and Renka (Cheska Zaide). Her plan backfires when a robbery goes horribly wrong.

Also featuring Jon Mankuta as Mank, Holly Rockwell as Julia/Ghost and Turen Robinson as Isaiah. Over the course of the film, Director Joe Bartone’s outlier drama Everything Will Be Fine in the End gives us an off-beat happy ending as he weaves a tale of malcontents and those they encounter under an acid sun.

3:00pm - 5:20pm
Home Coming.jpeg

The road home is paved with good intentions.

Agent Heads.jpeg

An old man and his granddaughter make their way home after spending the day together, encountering a seemingly unimportant homeless man (Heads) en route to the bus stop. In a moment of distraction, someone takes his granddaughter. All possible witnesses leave on a bus and in a state of panic the old man reverts to asking Heads, whom he previously dejected. Heads is reluctant at first but ultimately decides to help find the girl.

It is revealed to the old man as they make their way through the city that Heads has a particular ability, something that should be impossible. With a glance, Heads can see into others’ past perspectives. Each dive leads the team closer to where the girl went. Eventually, though, it seems there are no other witnesses available and the trail runs dry, but there is still hope.

Heads was a man broken, finished with a life that tore him down and left him alone. But in the end, he finds a reason to get up and fight again.

All My Friends Keep Dying.jpeg

Three small-town teens have a memorable night.

Brothers On A Motel Bed.jpeg

Having only met a few times prior and tired after a long day of driving, half-brothers Sam and James enter their motel room to discover there's only one bed. With no other lodging options on the eve of James' father's funeral, the need to figure out a comfortable sleeping arrangement forces these two young strangers to quickly become siblings.


After the New Republic Patriot Party seizes control in America , and passes a law requiring all males over 35 to have a vasectomy to keep the number of babies with birth defects down, Jamie decides to flee to Canada on the eve of his 35th birthday.


Murder suspect Michael Raines questions his own truth and reality after battling a peculiar detective determined to get more than a confession during an interrogation.

The Caddy.jpeg

When an ambitious young Mexican diplomat loses his career and is reduced to caddying at a golf resort, he kidnaps an arrogant American businessman in a misguided attempt to buy his old life back, unprepared for the battle of wills that ensues.

The Last Picture.jpeg

When two strangers come into her diner, a waitress suspects things are not as they appear and she learns to regret her inaction.

The Score.jpeg

How far would you go to satisfy your need?!  What would you risk? The Score is a short that shows how far two New Yorkers living in Los Angeles would go to get their "fix"