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Sunday Dec 12th - Theater 1

SUN DEC 12th - THEATER 1 - BLOCK 1 - 10am to 12pm

price legacy2-poster.jpg

Director:  Sergio Valenzuela

Starring: Trace Adkins

Category/Genre:  Documentary Feature Film

Run Time: 01:22:32


The most prolific winning streak in all of sports belongs to the Perry Wrestling Program in Perry, OK. Since 1961, Perry has never gone more than two years without winning a team state championship. That’s 59 years.

During the 2016-17, the program is struggling and in the midst of a title drought. The team must win in order to preserve the epic and historic streak. Decades of sacrifice, accomplishment, pain and glory are on the line at the 2017 OK State Wrestling Tournament.

Will Perry’s identity be shattered if they don’t win? Will Perry still be Perry?

The Price of Legacy: Wrestling with a Dynasty documentary film chronicles the exciting story of small town Perry, OK and its century old and nationally recognized high school wrestling program.

FILMS of 2021

SUN DEC 12th - THEATER 1 - BLOCK 2 - 12pm to 2pm


Directors:  Kevin McMahon

Starring: Andy Dylan, Sean Braud

Category/Genre: Narrative Short Film

Run Time:  0:09:09

An elite group of soldiers go on mission to rescue missing comrades but when they enter the abandoned power plant they soon find that an evil presence is behind the disappearances and the fighters find themselves against an enemy they cannot beat.


Director:  MIchael Baez

Starring: Curt Darling, Emily Porr

Category/Genre: Narrative Short Film

Run Time:  0:09:36

An estranged drunk father tries to regain his relationship with his old life and family.


Director:  Gregory M. Schroeder

Starring: Ian Coleman, Hannah McBryde

Category/Genre: Narrative Short Film

Run Time:  0:15:09

After a meteor impact nearby, a farmer staggers home, his arms severely burned. He has a sudden and miraculous recovery, but he develops a supernatural power in the process that puts his family at risk.

LAST LIGHT-poster.jpg

Director:  David Wittkower

Category/Genre: Documentary Feature Film

Run Time:  0:57:00

This feature length documentary looks at the crisis of the U.S. Commercial Fisherman.


SUN DEC 12th - THEATER 1 - BLOCK 3- 2pm to 4pm

THE GARDEN-poster.jpg

Director:  Coco Zhiyao Song

Starring: Bennie Beikun Wang, Amy Yueru Li

Category/Genre:  Foreign Short Film

Origin: China

Subtitles: English

Run Time: 0:14:54

A thousand years ago in China,there was a great writer Taoyuanming.He created the great story named The Peach Blossom Spring that pictures a fisherman attracted by a series of scenes and finally arrived in a garden also a village which means utopia.We love this concept and recreate it cinematically.In our film ,B and A are friends,they also lost their way on a casual trip to have a lunch.They walked the way the fisherman walked.They saw a modern fisherman who plays the fishing game on a phone all day long and a hill and they also forget how much time to get to the garden.Everything reflects The Peach Blossom Spring,but they didn’t realize at the beginning of the story.


Director:  Arturo Dueñas Herrero

Starring: Julio Lázaro, Carlos Pinedo

Category/Genre:  Foreign Short Film

Origin: Spain

Language: Spanish

Subtitles: English

Run Time: 0:15:00

A new doctor has just arrived at a nursing home, where he meets a patient tormented by a past which he cannot remember. This doctor will help him do it, without anticipating the consequences.


Director:  Eileen Cabiling

Starring: Jericho Rosales, Kevin. E. West

Category/Genre:  Narrative Short Film

Origin: Philippines

Language: Tagalog

Subtitles: English

Run Time: 0:15:00

Desperate for cash, a Filipino Fisherman dumps bodies into the ocean for the drug war’s faceless vigilantes. Tension rises when the killings’ hit close to home after he discovers his neighbor has been murdered for selling shabu (crystal meth).

THE VIEW FINDER-poster.jpg

Director:  Dylan Lloyd

Starring: Gabriel Estrada

Category/Genre:  Documentary Short Film

Run Time: 0:15:43

A 25 year old photographer begins living in his van right when the lockdown/ quarantine occurs in LA. He struggles with loneliness, continuing to create his art with photography, and finding a community in a world that views his van as "creepy" rather than the "#VanLife" style people glorify.


Director: Ari Gootnick

Category/Genre:  Documentary Short Film

Run Time: 0:21:41

Follow recent college graduate sets out to debunk the well-known “6 degrees of separation theory” in an attempt to hitchhike from LA to NYC in under 30 days using only social media.

SUN DEC 12th - THEATER 1 - BLOCK 4 - 4pm to 6pm


Director: Jonathan Filion

Starring: Gina Omilon, Michelle Morey

Category/Genre: Faith Based / Spiritual Short Film

Run Time:  0:08:10

Trying to reconnect with her daughter after the loss of her husband, a mother finds herself battling a storm both within and without. Upon their travel through an arid desert highway, Beverly’s relationship with her daughter Rebecca is tested. Unable to break through the walls that both of them have built up around themselves. Both mother and daughter face an external threat when their car suddenly breaks down. With the heat bearing down on them, and no knowledge of how to directly deal with their current situation, help comes in the form of a kind gentleman named Dayrl. Beverly’s insecurity and prejudice rejects Daryl’s offer to help, much to her daughter Rebecca's bewilderment. Repulsed by her mother’s behavior Rebecca decides to wander down the desert road, unknowing if help is even on the horizon.


Director:  Roy Mazzagate III

Starring: Dave Stone, Christopher Lopez

Category/Genre: Faith Based / Spiritual Short Film

Run Time:  0:14:53

Millions of decisions are made in a lifetime...yet only 1 matters. Ty finds himself submerged in the results of his 1 decision.


Directors:  Tyler Smith

Category/Genre: Documentary Faith Based / Spiritual Feature Film

Run Time:  01:26:59

A documentary film by movie critic Tyler Smith about the rise of Christian Cinema.

ALONG THE WAY-poster.jpg
THE DEC1SION-poster.jpg

SUN DEC 12th - THEATER 1 - BLOCK 5 - 6pm to 8pm

Ms. Rossi-poster.jpg

Director:  Pat Battistini

Starring: Sonia Barbadoro, Claudio Abbiati

Category/Genre:  Micro Short Film

Run Time: 0:05:00

While on her way to a business meeting, Ms. Rossi takes an interesting detour.

UNHOLY SPIRIT-poster.jpg

Director:  Moises Barragan

Starring: Hudson Hedge, Luke Davis

Category/Genre:  Narrative Short Film

Run Time: 0:14:00

An erratic catholic priest of dwindling faith must confront his greatest challenge ever bestowed upon him. The challenge? A spirit who unintentionally destroys everything he's ever believed in.


Director:  Gregory Hatanaka

Starring: Nino Cimino

Category/Genre:  Narrative Feature Film

Run Time: 01:10:00

Former New York mob boss Tony Pantera has just been relocated to Los Angeles in the witness protection program. Not a fan of Christmas, Tony must rediscover the true meaning of Christmas, while trying to stay alive.