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Andres L. Porras

Born in the quiet colonial town of Popayán, Colombia, Andres displayed a love for photography at an early age. Encouraged by his father who bought him his first still camera Andres soon found that he was a natural. His father, a photographer himself, soon taught an eager Andres about composition and lighting. By age 14, when the family had relocated to New York City, Andres became immersed in the art. This new landscape and all it had to offer fanned the flame and so Andres attended film school as soon as he could enroll. At film school he learned about motion pictures, and it was a natural evolution that as a young man he graduated from taking still pictures to making moving ones.

He never looked back. Now in his forties, Andres has worked on ____ films, both major motion pictures as well as artistic independents. In addition to becoming a skilled and acclaimed cinematographer, he also is an accomplished editor. The 17+ years of Professional experience has provided great opportunities to not only execute in the field but also to give back in the classroom. My thirst for knowledge and further understanding of the motion picture, as a medium and as an industry, is stronger than ever. The little boy's flame from Popayán has never faded.