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Quynn Lubs

Quynn has been involved in the music industry since they were 15 years old, attending shows at venues, backyards, or under freeway overpasses. In 2019, Quynn threw the first JUNK! punk show, which quickly grew into a show promotion business, an online and print magazine, and overall, a community. Quynn’s overall goal is to provide a place for local artists and musicians to share their talents and grow.

Quynn has been writing stories since they were 6 years old, and eventually became interested in journalism at the age of 15, covering news, opinions, interviews, concert reviews and more. Quynn writes for the Santa Clarita local newspaper The Proclaimer, is a concert reviewer intern for entertainment magazine mxdwn.com, and self-publishes works through JUNK!, a music and art publication.

In 2021, Quynn became the event organizer for Impulse Music Co., a family-owned music store in Santa Clarita. Quynn hosts open mic nights, organizes shows and parties for the store, and is constantly searching for new performers to share their talents.

Quynn’s life revolves around music, and they wouldn’t have it any other way.